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Learning English

a range of fun, free activities to try with your students. You can use the activities as part of a lesson in the classroom, or give them to students to practise with at home.

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Lesson plans covering the different parts of the Linguaskill test

Linguaskill Resources

Write & Improve

Write & Improve gives instant feedback on writing . Your students can use this page to practise their writing, and you can use Class View to set tasks for your students.

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Speak & Improve

A similar tool to pracrice and improve Speaking skills

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Connect with other schools around the world and exchange cards and letters in English. You will be joining an international community, and your students will get the chance to communicate with other learners of English from all over the globe.

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Cambridge English on YouTube

The Cambridge English YouTube channel features teaching tips, example speaking tests, 360 videos, and recordings of webinars and Facebook Live events.

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